Transitioning fromWeb2 to Web3

2 min readJul 16, 2023

Gametacus acts as a link between current Web2 gaming and the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem. Gametacus can uplift and empower casual gamers and create a natural channel for them to explore and possibly transfer into the web3 world by providing an approachable and accessible platform that includes blockchain technology.

This indicates a sizable market of consumers that can be transferred from Web2 to Web3 while ensuring that no societal group is left out or prevented from participating in the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

A brand-new casual competition mode that is “Free-to-play, Win-to-earn”

A new “Free-to-play, Win-to-earn” casual competition mode from Gametacus encourages gaming and talent over money. The only ways for hardcore gamers to get paid for playing games in the past were to either become professional players or game streamers. NFTs were able to become production materials for Web3 games thanks to the Play-to-earn (P2E) model, however playability was frequently sacrificed in favour of capital in this strategy.

By encouraging users to earn incentives through their talents and abilities rather than a monetary investment, Gametacus hopes to build a Win-to-earn business. We intend to encourage fair competition and develop a thriving gaming community by providing a zero-investment alternative for dedicated players to engage in the game.

Gametacus has created a three-tiered game environment, from ecosystem stories to ecosystem NFTs to ecosystem products, by fusing these elements. We are thrilled to take the lead in this developing sector since we think that our platform will appeal to a wider audience and spread the enthusiasm of Web3 gaming.

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