Gametacus: Bridging the gap between Web2 & Web3

3 min readJul 16, 2023

What is Web3 Gaming, first of all?

Web3 gaming is a decentralised gaming process in which any central authority is removed from the operations of a gaming ecosystem or gaming platform, specifically the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all game-related areas.

For the gaming industry, Web3 gaming offers fair virtual marketplaces where gamers can access and fully control in-game digital assets. These resources are unique and are kept in the form of gaming NFTs.

Web3 gaming also provides wide interoperability among various gaming ecosystems by linking the in-game assets and players across platforms. The interoperability factor depends on the type of blockchain platform one selects for developing a gaming ecosystem. For instance, Polkadot or Solana offers the interoperability feature in cross-chain communication bridges.


Thanks to Gametacus’ decentralised gaming environment, you have more freedom than ever as a player. It’s important to have the freedom to advertise and sell digital items on the open market, but Gametacus wants to go far further than that.

Let’s look at web3 gaming as a whole in the perspective of Gametacus’ mission to educate players worldwide. Because the Gametacus team members are serious gamers, they are developing the Web3 gaming Ecosystem as a whole rather than just a few specific titles.

The Gametacus Multiverse

The Gametacus Multiverse, a dynamic metaverse architecture created to give users a more immersive experience within the Gametacus ecosystem, is one of the platform’s distinctive features. In order to provide users the chance to develop a close bond with Gametacus, we will develop a number of original scenes, characters, and storylines.

Gametacus will also collaborate with the Web2 gaming platform GameFi Pro to offer Web2 gamers a simple entry point into the Web3 gaming universe. Users will gain more familiarity with the overall setting and character status of the Gametacus Multiverse as they interact with our ecosystem goods. This will support our efforts to position Gametacus as a native Web3 IP with a distinct setting that deepens through product operations.

Moving from Game NFTs to Ecosystem NFTs

NFTs have historically been constrained by their use cases, and in many Web3 games, NFT assets have suffered a quick decline in value due to the short lifecycle of the game. In order to solve this problem, Gametacus created a brand-new universal NFT mechanism that converts Game NFTs into Ecosystem NFTs.

Gametacus takes into account how each NFT will be used in every new game from the ground up during the planning and design phases, thereby maximising the value of NFTs. With this strategy, NFTs are guaranteed to be valuable beyond a single game and add to the overall worth of the Gametacus ecosystem.

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